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Equipment available is dependent on destination.
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Mobility Equipment Hire Direct - Frequently asked questions

We ask that you check any questions you have on this page before emailing us. We get hunderds of emails a day at peak time with questions that can be answered from our website. In order to concentrate on processing orders and answers to other queries, we apologise but we cannot answer queries that can be answered from the site.

Due to the high number of requests to change order details we are receiving, we are having to impose a £25 administration charge for any material change to the order such as dates or delivery address. Please double check your details before submitting the order.

You can get a price very quickly from our website.

  • Our website has 3 simple questions at the top of the page. Where ? What ? When?
  • Just answer these 3 simple questions and then click
  • On the page you will now see products and prices! If you see what you are looking for then just click ORDER and the rest is just like ordering any other product on the internet.

Your equipment is delivered to and collected from your accommodation. The name of your accommodation and time of arrival and departure are taken at checkout.

Please note: We do not deliver to public places including airports.

There is one exception to this. Wheelchairs can be delivered London Heathrow airport.

This will depend on your accommodation. If you are staying in a hotel you will need to check they are happy to collect it in your absence. If you are staying in a villa or other private accommodation you will need to make arrangements for delivery/collection.

Delivery charges are set by the supplier and we cannot waiver the delivery charge.

Delivery charges can vary in a location as there can be different suppliers for different products.

If you order more than one product, there is only one delivery charge at checkout. This will be the higher charge if the charges are different.

In short the answer is no. All equipment is delivered to your accommodation. We do not deliver to public places including airports.

There is one exception to this. Wheelchairs can be delivered London Heathrow airport.

If the drop off and pickup accommodations are near each other(same town/city), then yes this is possible. Just put the name of the second accommodation in the comments.

If the accommodations are far apart then probably not. They equipment will be for 2 different suppliers.

As an example, It is not possible to travel through Spain with a piece of equipment as there will be more than one supplier involved.

  • *Destination Accommodation Name. For example: Hotel Name
  • *Destination Accommodation Address. For example: Hotel Address
  • Accommodation Booking Reference Number (if available) This will help us find which room you are in for delivery of your equipment,
  • *Accommodation Booking Name (the name the booking is made in)
  • *Contact number in resort, preferably a mobile number so we can message you if required when delivering the equipment.
  • *Arrival Date and Time. Please note: This is for guide purposes only. We cannot guarantee exact delivery times.
  • *Departure Date and Time
  • Flight Numbers (if applicable) This can be useful to estimate your arrival time more accurately.
  • **User Height and Weight for certain products such as scooters, hoists and any other equipment where this information is important for using the equipment

    * Essential Information
    **Essential information for certain products

    The Delivery and Collection times are very important and should be as accurate as possible. This helps us and our suppliers plan the deliveries for the day and changes can cause problems especially with large items such as beds, We appreciate times being as accurate as possible :)

  • The quantity in our webiste is the number of days hire. It is not possible to order more than one of the same item in an order. It is possible to order 2 different items, but not 2 of the same.

    If you need to order more than one of an item, then order one and put it in the comments what you require and we will send you a paypal link for the difference in price.

    We cannot check availability without an order. If the equipment is not available you will get a full refund.

    In short the answer is no. The majority of the descripitions on our site are generic. We cannot guarantee a specific model. If the model type is specific, this will be in the product name. For example:

    Go Go Elite Traveller Sport Mobility Scooter Hire In London, England, United Kingdom is a specific model.

    Mobility Scooter Hire in London, England, United Kingdom - Portable, 4 wheeled is a generic description and model type is not guranteed.

    For many products, there is a minimum 3-10 day charge to cover delivery and admin costs, however delivery and collection dates can be less than this. The minimum number of days is dependent on the product.

    For peak times(Easter and Summer) as much notice as possible. Availability can be peak times so the more notice the better. We would advise at least 4 weeks.

    Off peak, we recommend at least a week. Last minute orders are possoble but can be more unreliable.

    Our descriptions are generic as we cannot guarantee a specific model. The client weight is taken at checkout. The supplier will inform us if the weight is too high for the model they are supplying. Most models will take a weight of at least 135kg.

    Scooter Range and Speed is weight dependant. You will be asked for your height and weight at checkout. This will allow us to decide if the scooter you have ordered is going to be suitable for you.

    The terrain is also important. If there is lots of hills, or the ground is uneven, the scooter has to work alot harder and the battery life will not be so good.

    Our generic descriptions give a scooter range for average weight and a flat terrain.

    Scooters come with a key, so they are lockable.

    Version 21st Mar 2022

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