Portable Oxygen Concentrator Hire In Fes, Morocco - On Request

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Hire In Fes, Morocco - On Request
Hire Price Per Day
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Portable Oxygen Concentrator Hire In Fes, Morocco



We can provide portable oxygen concentrators for your stay on holiday, however portable oxygen concentrators are on request due to them being so specific to each individual - there are so many variations in concentrators due to medical conditions such as....

  • Litre per Minute
  • Cylinder Size
  • Hours per Day of Usage

The prices provided above are only a guideline and we cannot guarantee they will be exactly the same.

If you need a Portable Oxygen Concentrator, please call us on 0800 644 6062 or send us an email to [email protected] with your details so we can find out an exact cost for you and get back to you with a quote.

General Features:

  • Portable, meaning small in size and lightweight!
  • Internal battery that can operate autonomously for a few hours
  • Ideal for use when out and about


  • Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Approximate Technical specification:

  • Length - 27cm
  • Width - 10cm
  • Height - 22.20cm
  • Weight - 3.3kg
  • Batteries duration - 4hrs
  • Loading time with 220V Charger - 4hrs


We hire Portable Oxygen Concentrators in many places throughout the world. The technical specification and images above are generic and product design/model can vary slightly from country to country.


The Portable Oxygen Concentrator is available for hire in Fes, Morocco and can be delivered direct to your hotel, apartment or place of residence when you book with Mobility Equipment Hire Direct.

When you hire a Portable Oxygen Concentrator in Fes, Morocco, Mobility Equipment Hire Direct gives you a world class service and will ensure that your needs are met. Mobility Equipment Hire Direct strive to make oxygen concentrators in Fes, Morocco as easy and stress free as possible.

Please Note: There is a minimum 7 day hire period with this product.

Delivery and Collection for this product is £27.00.
This is a one off delivery fee and will only be charged once regardless of how many items you purchase.